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This is a 3-week series that explores God's plan to redeem the creation by refreshing everything. There are many voices tugging at students to believe that the world is getting better and better. But there are equally as many voices telling them that everything is getting worse and worse. Who should they believe? Who is right? Help them navigate the various ideas for what the future holds.

Message 1: "Visions of the Future" (preview and download the .doc file)
Is creation good, bad, or a little of both? This message examines 3 different visions of what the future looks like based on the answer to that question.

Message 2: "Images of Redemption" (preview and download the .doc file)
Instead of a single snapshot that brings everything together, the Bible offers several images of what the future holds. This message explains some of those images that are used to offer hope for Christians in all times and in all places.

Message 3: "Flash Forward" (preview and download the .doc file)
This message unpacks the ancient Christian affirmation, "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again." What will happen when Christ returns? Does the final Judgment call into question the goodness of God? Students are encouraged in this message to press on in the present in the light of the future.

NOTE: As always, my hope is not that you would say what I say, but that your own thinking and teaching are informed and improved by this resource.


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