New Atlanta Braves (Alternate) Uniforms & Ministry

The Atlanta Braves unveiled their new (alternate) home uniforms today. The video above shows the progression of the jerseys over the last several decades. They've gone from pinstripes with buttons, to no stripes with no buttons, to no stripes with buttons and a tomahawk. But the Braves name remains constant. This newest iteration is a bit of a throwback to the 1966 uniforms. They are made with lighter material and feature a patch that shows "1876," the first year of the franchise.

The Braves recognize that we value history and tradition, even while we keep an eye toward the future. We want to know that we believe in something with roots than run deeper than last year, and with a vision that extends further than next year. That's why they're going with the vintage style, and why they're including the patch with "1876" on it. It's a statement that says, "We've been here for a long time and we're not going anywhere." They've build a bridge from the past to the future.

We should be looking for opportunities to build those kinds of bridges in our ministries. We are part of a church that goes back over 2,000 years. People are looking for something that runs deep and wide, an alternative to the flimsy, fleeting impulses of pop culture. Point them to the enduring ways of the church and the faithful promises of God.

Are there environments in your ministry that need to be tweaked?
Are there logos that need to be updated?
Are there volunteers that need hear the history of your ministry?
Are there older folks you could ask to share a testimony for students?

These things are worth your time.

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