Series: Alive

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Where is life to be found? That's the question this series asks and attempts to answer. We are often pulled by the immediacy of toys, popularity, and appearance (for adults it's money, power, and sex), but this series offers students a long-range, all-encompassing vision of a faithful God who calls us to live faithfully in relation to God and each other.

Message 1: "Choose Life" (preview and download the .doc file)
Many people seek life through the stimulation of their five senses, but the "with-God" life begins at a different place: the heart. Life begins with repentance. This deep-rooted response to the grace of God is an act of disentangling ourselves from one story and aligning ourselves with a new one. Will we follow the way of Jesus or insist on another way?

Message 2: "Life Together" (preview and download the .doc file)
Autonomy is an illusion. No one is "self-made" because no one is really separated from the input and impact of others. Over against the brash individualism that is promoted all around us, the gospel forms a new community of people who find life through incorporation and involvement in a caring community of meaning and action that exists under the authority of Jesus.

Message 3: "Homecoming" (preview and download the .doc file)
In a world filled with despair, the God of the gospel offers hope. The Bible insists that even slaves and orphans can become sons and daughters of God - a claim that was as astounding then as it is today. With that new identity and future, the random of events of our lives are given a new coherence. We are empowered to pray and work for God's kingdom to come "on earth as it is in heaven."

NOTE: As always, my hope is not that you would say what I say, but that your own thinking and teaching are informed and improved by this resource.


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