Endorsements for my book, Varsity Faith: A Thoughtful, Humble, Intentional, and Hopeful Option for Christian Students

"Trevor Hamaker brings to his writing a great passion for the gospel, a playful exploration over a range of images, a wisdom out of practical reflection, and an urgency for growing believers. The outcome is an offer of biblical faith that goes beyond conventional thinking and outside of well-held caricatures. Readers who struggle with their faith will be helped to think well and clearly about the truth and practicality of faith."
- Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

"Trevor Hamaker has offered a passionate plea for youth ministry to engage the depth of young people's questions as a way beyond the youth ministry cul-de-sac of de-commitment in which we now find ourselves. Varsity Faith . . . provides a way of connecting young people's heads, hands, and hearts. It is a commendable project worth exploring with the young people in your ministry."
- Andrew Root, PhD, The Olson Baalson Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary, co-author of The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry

"Trevor Hamaker is an ideal guide for students into the tough questions and complexities of theology. His wisdom, humility, and authenticity make this book an excellent resource for student ministry."
- Ed Cyzewski, author of Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life

"In Varsity Faith, Trevor Hamaker writes with both honesty and hope as he boldly challenges young people to re-examine a true faith that intersects deep theology with deep practicality. Hamaker crafts Varsity Faith in a way that is engaging, intellectual and disarming as he ushers a new generation to re-place their confidence back in Christ."
- Jeremy Zach, Orange XP3 Specialist and author of www.REyouthpastor.com

"Varsity Faith offers profound and practical help for anyone who wants to grow in Christ. I would especially encourage those who desire to disciple this emerging generation to study and apply its message."
- Bob Dukes, President and CEO, Worldwide Discipleship Association

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  1. Great book for all ages to keep fighting the good fight to be a better human being and keeping the faith, the varsity faith that is!


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