Remembering Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson (1931-2012)
Chuck Colson passed away on Saturday, April 21, 2012.
I can't say any about Mr. Colson better than what I found that's already been said, so I'll just quote two reflections at length.

First, Ed Stetzer wrote: "Not all who read this...will remember the Watergate Scandal. Many simply know Chuck Colson as a respectable, evangelical, grandfatherly figure. But this generation will miss out on the transforming power of God illustrated in Chuck Colson's life if they do not discover the (younger) Chuck Colson of Watergate - the man who God brought from darkness into light" [1].

And Jonathan Aitken wrote: "As a young aide to the 37th President, Colson in the 1970s steered the White House towards activities that were the antithesis of Christian morality. Yet by the early 200s the older Colson was having a considerable influence in a wholly Christian direction on several of the decisions and policies of the 43rd President" [2].

I haven't personally read a lot of what Chuck Colson has written or heard much of what he has said through the years. I do know that he's been a tireless advocate for churches to serve those who are incarcerated and their families. I have participated in projects through Angel Tree, which is part of an organization that he founded called Prison Fellowship.

His contributions have been many. He was faithful to the end.
May the same be said of us one day.

[1] Ed Stetzer, "Chuck Colson: 1931-2012. A Legacy of Gospel Proclamation and Social Concern," 21 April 2012. Online:
[2] Jonathan Aitken, "Remembering Charles Colson, a Man Transformed," 21 April 2012. Online:

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