You Be You (Confidence is Attractive)

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Love is in the air, so I wanted to spend a little time talking about relationships. More specifically, I want to spend a little time talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. Contrary to what most people think, however, the person to begin with for this topic isn't another person; it's you.

It's interesting that survey after survey reveals that the number one thing that people find attractive in another person is not looks, popularity, money, or intelligence; it's confidence.

Confidence. A comfort-level with the skin you're in.
A sense of identity. A sense of direction.
An awareness and acceptance of who God has made you to be.

People with confidence don't change everything about themselves to impress a girl or keep a guy.
They remain true to who they are.

When people don't know themselves as recipients of God's love and grace, then they usually don't think of themselves as having any inherent value. They must create their value and project it for everyone else to see and affirm.

The primary ways that students try to create value apart from God are through accomplishment and appearance.

If I look pretty enough, then people will think I'm special.
If I get my biceps big enough, then people will think I'm special.
If I am the best player on my team, then people will think I'm special.
If I can be the class-clown, then people will think I'm funny...and special.

It's not that accomplishment and appearance are bad things.
They just aren't meant to be the measuring stick of your worth.

The priceless God has put his own image on you and in you (see Genesis 1:26-27).
That makes you priceless, apart from what you do or how you look.

Our source of value, then, is also the source of our confidence.
Who you are and what you have at this moment is who you need to be and what you need to have in order to succeed at this moment. Or to say it another way, you are and you have everything you need to do what God has for you right now.

When it comes to dating, become a person with confidence, spend time with people who are confident, and leave the cocky people to talk about themselves with someone else.

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