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There are always new situations, circumstances, choices, and challenges that we need to bring to the cross. Things pop up in my own life and I have to say, "No. I'm not going to let that live. That needs to die."

The things change, but there's always something.

Whether it's lust or selfishness or laziness, or being quick-tempered or me-centered, we have to choose every day to die to some things so we can come alive to better things - the meaningful things that God has for us.

The Apostle Paul put it like this: "Consider yourselves to be dead to the powers of sin and alive to God through Jesus Christ (Romans 6:11).

If you want to die to your self and come alive to God, there is a "considering" that needs to happen. The word Paul uses for "consider" in this verse is logizomai (pronounced "low-gee-zo-my"). It's a Greek word that was used a lot in the context of making business decisions.

Logizomai conveys the sense of thinking right about something, or seeing it for what it truly is.

It's related to our English word logic.

So it's like he's saying, "Let's think logically about this: You are truly dead to the power of sin, and you are truly alive to God. That happened because you followed Jesus to the cross, where death was swallowed up in life - first Jesus, now for you. Believe it, because it's true."

We're able to see ourselves differently, and see other people differently, and live our lives differently, because it's not about us trying to do it on our own. We died to our own desires and we died to the power of sin at the cross. And then, just like Jesus, we come alive to God's desires for us and his power comes alive within us.

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