Series: Boyfriends & Girlfriends

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Dating and relationships dominate the conversations at many middle school and high school lunch tables. This series will help your students better understand the who, what, why, and how of "boyfriends and girlfriends."

Message 1: You Be You (preview and download the .doc file)
Confidence is the most attractive thing about a person. Help your students understand what confidence really is and what they can base their confidence on.

Message 2: Before the Beginning (preview and download the .doc file)
Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. Help your students think about their expectations and boundaries for relationships before they start. This message also identifies a few different types of relationships that just aren't healthy for students.

Message 3: Beginnings and Endings (preview and download the .doc file)
All relationships go through a series of stages: infatuation, reality, and decision. Help your students understand the emotions involved at each of those stages, as well as what to do when the decision stage leads to a break-up.

NOTE: As always, my hope is not that you would say what I say, but that your own thinking and teaching are informed and improved by this resource.


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