Be Curious (and Creative)

We were fortunate to have one of the older ladies at our church join us last Sunday morning and share some words of wisdom with students.

She's from Benson, NC (home of Mule Days), became a Christian at a revival when she was 12, has been married for 56 years, and has lived in many places around the world.

About marriage, she insisted that honoring her marriage vows and saying, "I love you" every night were the secret to its longevity.

About Bible reading, she encouraged students not just to read their Bible, but to mark them up. "Make notes. Write in it," she said.

She encouraged us to be curious people who take notice of the people and things around us.

Be curious people. Yes, all of what she said was good, but this one stood out to me.

And the more I've thought about it, it really is a great piece of advice:
Be curious people who take notice of the people and things around you.

I'm a naturally curious person. When I worked at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, my favorite part was driving customers home after they dropped off their rental car. It was a great chance to ask them about their story:
Who were they?
Where did they come from?
What line of work were they in?
How did they get into that field?
What did they enjoy doing?

I heard about places, companies, occupations, and hobbies that I never knew existed!

Those conversations opened the world up to me. It reminded me that no one is stuck where they are. The possibilities are endless. You could take out some student loans today and be a doctor in 7 years. You could move to another part of the country tomorrow if you wanted to. It's really fascinating to consider the possibilities of what the future could hold for you.

And, now that I'm thinking about it, there's a natural connection between curiosity and creativity.

You can never be inspired to reach for things that you don't know exist. If you didn't know that people actually become airplane pilots, then you'll never believe you could become one. If you don't know that kids go to college and keep their Christian faith, then you'll never know how you can do it.

Mark Miller helped me see this. He wrote, "When you expand your world, you expand your creative potential - you add colors to your palette" (unpublished manuscript for Eureka: The Path to More and Better Ideas, 38).

So go out and meet someone new today. Learn something new today.
Ask a question and see where the answer takes you!

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