Jesus Plus...

The message that Jesus is alive was spreading. Paul, a missionary to Gentile (non-Jewish) people, was leading many to put their faith in Jesus - to repent of sin, to confess him as the Lord and Leader of their life, and to be baptized.

But there are always people who want to add things (usually good things) to faith in order to say who really is and who really isn't a Christian. But in so doing, we actually forget the grace and love that brought us into the faith, and spend our time building walls and barriers that end up keeping people out of the faith.

That's happening to some new Christians in a place called Galatia...and Paul is ticked about it. People have come in and told the Galatians that they've only gone 1/2 way. They needed to do something more, something else.

They needed Jesus + the Law.
Jesus + eating Kosher.
Jesus + Sabbath.
Jesus + something.

The book of Galatians is Paul's response, which can be summarized a few ways:
1) What Jesus did on the cross was enough to make you right with God.
2) Jesus + Nothing = EVERYTHING.
3) Good works enrich your relationship with God, but they don't establish it.
4) You are accepted by God - fully, completely, 100% - when you place your faith in Jesus.
5) "If anyone tells you something different than this, let that person be cursed" (see Galatians 1:9).

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