Together Everyone Achieves More

Most things require more than just one person to make happen. There is so much that you can't do by yourself; it takes a team.

There's an old acronym for team that says:
Together Everyone Achieves More.

And you'll find that that's usually true.

Tiger Woods wouldn't be as good as he is at golf without a coach.

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh aren't the only players on the Miami Heat. They need other players to share the load.

Steve Jobs may have been the technological genius behind Apple computers, iPods, and iPhones, but he needed guys like Ron Johnson to figure out how to get those products into the hands of consumers like us.

So whether we're talking about sports or business, it's usually true that we achieve more together.

And think about the last group project you had to do for school. You probably got more done together - as a team - than you could have gotten done all by yourself.

The same thing is true in the Christian life. God doesn't call us to be lone ranger Christians who go off on our own to figure everything out and try to accomplish everything he wants for us. Instead, he gave us the church to be a family of people, a team of people, who are striving together to know God and make him known.

We can do better together than we can on our own.

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