Time with God: Better Together

You were created to pursue an authentic relationship with your Creator.
This is a tool to help you do that.

Read: Proverbs 27:17
Think: How does iron sharpen iron?
Pray: Pray for one of your friends today.
Live: Look for ways to strengthen the faith of your friends.

Read: Hebrews 3:12-14
Think: How are you doing in your relationship with God?
Pray: Ask God to help you find your satisfaction in him, not in sin.
Live: Don't let sin deceive you; stay faithful to God.

Read: 1 John 2:9-11
Think: Are you causing other people to stumble in their walk with God?
Pray: Ask God to help you live in the light.
Live: In each situation today, ask yourself: "What does love require of me?"

Read: 1 Peter 3:8-9
Think: Why shouldn't you try to get revenge on people?
Pray: Pray for someone that you don't normally get along with.
Live: Don't try to get back at someone; try to bless them instead.

Read: Luke 6:31
Think: Why do you think this is called "The Golden Rule"?
Pray: Ask God to strengthen the unity of your church.
Live: Treat other people the way that you would like them to treat you.


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