Time with God: Forgiven and Free

You were created to pursue an authentic relationship with your Creator.
This is a tool to help you do that.

Read: Romans 5:6-11
Think: Does God wait for people to straighten up before he loves them?
Pray: Thank God for his great love and forgiveness.
Live: Be happy (rejoice) that you're not an enemy of God; you're his friend.

Read: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
Think: Why do some people see the cross as foolish?
Pray: Ask God to show his strength through your weakness.
Live: Be confident that God knows what he's doing.

Read: 1 Timothy 2:5-6
Think: Have you ever thought of forgiveness as God's gift to the world?
Pray: Thank God that he offers forgiveness, freedom, and reconciliation.
Live: Remember that God wants the best for you.

Read: Romans 8:1-4
Think: Why was the Law of Moses unable to save us?
Pray: Thank God for making his power and presence available to you.
Live: Follow the leading of God's Holy Spirit rather than your sinful nature.

Read: Psalm 40:1-5
Think: What do you wish God would do right now in your life?
Pray: Ask God to help you, to lift you up, to give you strength.
Live: Tell someone about God's goodness and faithfulness today.


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